WHCR 90.3 FM


First Light & Gardens of Tranqulitiy

GENRE: Jazz & Meditation/Music

HOST:   Daa’iya L. Sanusi


  • Saturday  6am – 11am

 EMAIL ADDRESS: email.gtc55@gmail.com 

MAILIING ADDRESS: First Light Attn:  Daa’iya L. Sanusi

Whcr 90.3 Fm
The City College Of New York
160 Convent Ave Nac – Room: 1/513
New York, Ny 10031


Gardens of Tranquility and Contemplation was gently birthed into existence some 27 years ago by Mas’ud Tariq Towe (son of the Jazz journalist Eleanor Towe) to provide the Jazz enthusiast with the most thoughtful and awe inspiring musical experiences, primarily from the Jazz genre.

That mission has been carried on by Daa’iya Lomax Sanusi with an emphasis on the healing energy of Jazz and its essential nature as a medium for meditation.

First Light was introduced as the musical prelude to Gardens of Tranquility and Contemplation (First Light & The Gardens) and provides guided visualization accompanied by Jazz compositions that convey peace and transcendence.

While the Gardens of Tranquility and Contemplation & First Light ( FaceBook title) play our beautiful music the shows also promote our community treasures i.e. Central Brooklyn Jazz Consortium, BulLion Entertainment and Langston Hughes Community Library & Cultural Center, IYLI, Banana Puddin’ Jazz Jam and delivers thought provoking conversation.