Connecting with Harlem: Public Mission Aligns Public College with Community

In a special guest appearance on WBAI’s The Harlem Connection, City College President Vincent Boudreau joins host Ade Williams for “The Harlem Connection Gets Academic.” Excerpted here as an installment of CCNY’s From City to the World podcast, the conversation covers the college’s essential connection with its Harlem neighborhood. President Boudreau discusses how sharing CCNY expertise and resources such as research, testing, vaccination and blood drives has become even more important in the COVID pandemic, and how workforce development is next on the college’s agenda, with new initiatives now in development. Looking back, Boudreau recounts some of the glories of the legendary Lewisohn Stadium, as well as ongoing cultural events, lectures and sports events that welcome the community. To close, see what Boudreau selects as guest DJ of the final selection of the program.

This programming is shared courtesy of WBAI and The Harlem Connection, Ade Williams, host.

Host: Adé Williams, WBAI
Guest: President Vincent Boudreau, The City College of New York
Recorded: September 24, 2021