Infrastructure and Opportunity: How the Biden Administration’s $2 Trillion Plan Can Advance Equity and Economic Development By Investing in Public Transportation

In a nation that ranks only 13th globally for infrastructure quality, the new focus in Washington on infrastructure investment has the potential to be transformative. For public transportation specifically–so vital to New York City and New York state, and drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic–significant new funding stands to multiply the infrastructure investment with historic gains in equity of access, economic opportunity, and social justice for communities harmed by 20th-century infrastructure development. Hear transportation expert Robert Paaswell of CCNY and Michael Garner, chief diversity officer of the MTA, in conversation with City College President Vincent Boudreau on building a fairer future that benefits residents, riders, education, businesses, and minority- and women-owned enterprises.

Host: CCNY President Vincent Boudreau

Guests: Robert Paaswell, Distinguished Professor of Civil Engineering at CCNY’s Grove School of Engineering and Director Emeritus of the University Transportation Research Center; Michael Garner, Chief Diversity Officer of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority and President of the New York (founding) chapter of One Hundred Black Men.

Recorded: April 21, 2021