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Teaching Facility


Teaching Facility

WHCR’s General Manager and Program Director, Angela Harden is also an Adjunct Professor in the Media Communication Arts department at City College. Harden teaches the Radio Journalism and Radio Station classes in WHCR’s broadcast studios.

Radio Journalism

Radio Journalism, which is reserved for Journalism minors, covers broadcast news writing and radio production. Students enrolled in the course produce Harlem Beat, a community affairs show which airs three times a semester.

Radio Station

Radio station is open to any CCNY student enrolled full-time or part-time and covers board operation and radio show production. Students in this class often produce their own radio shows. Click Below to see some students work.

Radio Journalism class at CCNY

Click here to listen to Harlem Beat guest Javier Gomez discuss the economic crisis in Puerto Rico with student reporters Rotceh Maldonado & Lynda Ojeda.


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Harlem Beat Corey Pegues Show

Click here to listen to Harlem Beat Corey Pegues Show.


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