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Connecting with Harlem: Public Mission Aligns Public College with Community

In a special guest appearance on WBAI’s The Harlem Connection, City College President Vincent Boudreau joins host Ade Williams for “The Harlem Connection Gets Academic.” Excerpted here as an installment of CCNY’s From City to the World podcast, the conversation covers the college’s essential connection with its Harlem neighborhood. President Boudreau discusses how[…]

Vaccinating NYC: The Progress, the Plateau, and the Urgent Work of Science and Governance to Safeguard the City As It Reopens

The U.S. city hardest hit economically by the COVID-19 pandemic, New York is now racing to recover and reopen. Can vaccination keep pace to ensure an equitable and safe new semblance of normal? In conversation with City College President Vincent Boudreau, CCNY Dean of Science Susan Perkins explains vaccine safety[…]

Infrastructure and Opportunity: How the Biden Administration’s $2 Trillion Plan Can Advance Equity and Economic Development By Investing in Public Transportation

In a nation that ranks only 13th globally for infrastructure quality, the new focus in Washington on infrastructure investment has the potential to be transformative. For public transportation specifically–so vital to New York City and New York state, and drastically impacted by the COVID-19 pandemic–significant new funding stands to multiply[…]

The Future of Black History: Equity After COVID

As Black History Month closes, Silicon Harlem CEO Clayton Banks and Executive Director Bobby Derival of The City College of New York’s MPA program join CCNY President Vincent Boudreau to discuss systemic inequities, racial justice after the killing of George Floyd and their personal experiences working within communities toward solutions.[…]

Supporting the College and Community During COVID-19: How Philanthropy and Partnerships Are Taking on Today’s Unique Challenges

The City College of New York President Vincent Boudreau convenes a conversation on how philanthropy is being mobilized across and beyond campus to address the economic and health crisis of COVID-19. Amid the pandemic’s devastation and inequities, hear what has been learned and what the CCNY support ecosystem is achieving[…]

Celebrating Visionary Black Writers: CCNY’s Langston Hughes Festival Marks Its 42nd Anniversary With Conversations More Urgent Than Ever

Every year, The City College of New York holds its Langston Hughes Festival and awards its Langston Hughes Medal to a highly distinguished writer of the African diaspora. With a mission to celebrate and expand upon the legacy of Harlem Renaissance icon and “poet laureate of Harlem” Langston Hughes, the[…]

Hacking the Election: 2020 Cybersecurity Threats, from COVID Tracking App Exploitation to Electronic Voting

How vulnerable is U.S. democracy as we approach the Nov. 3 general election? Politics aside, technology presents its own highly sophisticated threats to an accurate result in the race for President and other consequential seats. Far beyond the grasp of many laypeople and lawmakers, complex cybersecurity risks to election integrity[…]